What is Type-2 Diabetes? Here is the In-Depth Explanation

Everything you need to understand about Type-2 Diabetes

What is Type-2 DiabetesSuffering from Diabetes? It does matter if it is of type-1 or type-2, but what matters the most is that both are life-threatening diseases and needs an instant care and treatment. But, until and unless you will have a proper understanding of your particular type, it would be extremely hard and less effective to take care of it on a personal level.

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What is Type-2 Diabetes?

Type- 2 diabetes is a lifelong disease, one of the 3 very common types of Diabetes. It is the condition in which your pancreas can not make or release enough insulin, or in another case, the body starts resisting to the insulin. Thus, resulting in the uneven distribution of Blood sugar in the blood and cells throughout the body.

What causes it?

Every Human being needs insulin in their body to live, and a sufficient amount of working insulin to live properly. If the data is to be believed, almost 95% of the total diabetics in the world are suffering from type-2 diabetes. The main reasons behind the reign of type-2 diabetes are the genetics and lifestyle, all the other reason such as Obesity, eating habits, the polluted environment comes chasing behind.

As the countries are developing the citizens are getting wealthier, and so does their lifestyles. The lethargic lifestyle and days of inactivity cause obesity, that means a person puts on a lot of fat. The extra fat in our body creates an insulin resistance by restricting or interfering the glucose flow in blood, the insulin transports the glucose into the cells., this results in a high blood sugar level. At the same time, your body keeps breaking down the carbohydrate and glucose from the food and drink, that puts a lot of pressure on your pancreas. This all leads to an unbalanced supply of the Blood Sugar in the Cells and Blood, the sugar level in blood keeps increasing and the cells are left with lack of glucose.

What happens then? Symptoms: –

The symptoms for type-2 diabetes grow slowly, they may take very much time to be evident, or in some case, you may never observe any symptoms.

  • You may heal slowly or get injured easily: – The main thing that heals the cuts and wounds in our body is insulin, and that’s what our body lacks in type-2 diabetes. The healing process in type-2 diabetes slows down and the possibility of your body converting a touch into a cut increase further.
  • Disturbed urination cycle: – Diabetes develops a frequent and continues need of urination and water intake in the human body, this is because of the excess blood sugar causes pulling out of fluid from cells.
  • You’ll be hungrier: – There will be no responsible person in your blood after the lack of insulin to transfer the glucose in your cells, thus, cells being out of energy.
  • You’ll lose weight: – Eat as much you can, it won’t get you your energy back, the insulin still won’t transfer the glucose into cells, resulting in you losing weight.
  • The blurry vision: – The fluid will be pulled out from the cells all over your body, this includes your eyes also, resulting in harming your vision.

There might be many more symptoms like Fatigue and darkening of the skin in some areas.

Most of the Type-2 Diabetics need Insulin to fulfill the need for Insulin in their body, others are recommended some other methods by doctors.

I hope that this blog may have helped you in understanding Type-2 Diabetes better. We will be bringing you another blog soon that will cover the other aspects like treatments and the things you need to take care of during. Stay tuned for the upcoming. Stay Happy Stay Healthy.

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