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The level of high blood sugar is usually due to eating foods that eat in carbohydrate such as potatoes, rice, pasta, chips, fruits, sweet and sweet drinks. High blood glucose can also be due to lack of physical exercise, in which there is a natural advantage to reduce blood glucose levels. Other causes of high blood sugar include diabetes or inadequate medicines.

It is important to take care of Blood Glucose and insulin because deteriorating insulin may fail to do so, a broken sleeping meter can also give wrong readings. Gestational diabetes, which is a diabetes mellitus that occurs during pregnancy, is characterized by high blood sugar.

Diabetes is not the only reason for high blood sugar, other medicines such as beta blockers and steroids can cause blood sugar levels such as bulimia nervosa, as the blood is controlled by the body. Due to stress, injury, surgery or infection, blood sugar levels can also have an effect

The symptoms of high blood sugar are excessive thirst, frequent urination, dry mouth and skin, and fatigue. Other symptoms include poor or slow remedies of wounds, excessive appetite can also be the result of continuous infections and uncontrolled weight loss. Wat can be done.

The best way to stop high blood glucose levels is to have your diabetes under control.

If you think the problem is your medicine then you should talk to your doctor. You should also make sure that you take your medications on time and make sure that your insulin is always fresh

Drinking enough water every day and ensuring regular physical activity. Use Blood glucose Meter to track the levels and take Insulin to lower it. Exercise control can help to maintain blood glucose levels.

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