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BD Ultra-Fine 8 mm x 31G Pen Needles (Pack of 100)

Engineered with optimal point geometry for maximum comfort and reliability. Coated with special Micro-Bonded lubrication for a more comfortable injection. Manufactured with a special surgical grade of stainless steel. Subject to 100% needle point inspection to ...
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Compression Socks for Men & Women Heel Pain Relief High Support Sock

Compression Socks for Men & Women Heel Pain Relief Knee High Support Sock Overview: Effectively help relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, shin splints, deep vein thrombosis, Achilles tendonitis, maternity swelling, throbbing even athletic activities like running, ...
$24.49 $18.99
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Diabetic Sharps Container for Safe Needle Disposal (Pack of 3)

Diabetic Sharps Container for Safe Needle Disposal  Product Description: Diabetic Sharps Container for Safe disposable of needles, needles with Syringes, vacutainers, or with attached tubing. Pen needles, lancets, blades (razors, scalpels, etc.) pipettes, glass slides. Highlight: ...
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EasyTouch Insulin Syringe – 29G 1CC 1/2in – BX 100

Made for convenience: The needle is made of stainless steel special surgical grade and the needle is securely connected to eliminate pop off. Multi-functional needle bevel with lubricant coating allows smooth and more comfortable injection. Designed ...
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HemoCue HB 201 Analyzer HemoGlobin Microcuvettes, 25CT per Pack

Can be used by non-laboratory personnel after a brief training session Use microcuvettes for hemoglobin, glucose, and urine albumin analysis, and even microcuvettes for specific applications within those categories. The reagents within the microcuvettes are moisture ...
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