Have Diabetes? 2030 is Going to Bring Bad News for You!

Have Diabetes? 2030 is Going to Bring Bad News for You!

With a rapid increase in the population of type-2 diabetics, there have been serious concerns rising with the time. If a study published in the Journal Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology is to be believed, the supply of the type-2 Diabetic insulin is estimated to fall short by half of its demand by 2030.

In less than 12 years, the number of people suffering from type-2 Diabetes is expected to grow by 20%. Making the current numbers of 406 million increased to a total of 511 million. As not everyone requires an insulin to manage their diabetes, the total number of adults requiring the insulin will be approx. 79 million . Cutting short the projected availability of insulin that can only serve half of the numbers i.e. 39 million.

The study led by Sanjay Basu a researcher of Indian origin, states that India, China, and the US will have a majority share in the type-2 diabetics by 2030. While China will be on the top having 130 million diabetics, followed by India and US contributing with 98 million and 32 million diabetics respectively.

“These estimates suggest that current levels of insulin access are highly inadequate compared to the projected need, particularly in Africa and Asia, and more efforts should be devoted to overcoming this looming health challenge,” stated Sanjay Basu, the leader of the research.

“Despite the UN’s commitment to treat non-communicable diseases and ensure universal access to drugs for diabetes, across much of the world insulin is scarce and unnecessarily difficult for patients to access,” said Basu.

Basu also said, “Unless governments begin initiatives to make insulin available and affordable, then its use is always going to be far from optimal,”.

The Reason Behind type-2 diabetics Increasing so rapidly

The main reason behind the increase of type-2 diabetics is inactivity and obesity. The environmental problems and the unhealthy living of the people are increasing as the developing countries are getting wealthier, populated and further polluted, that the developed countries already are.

No certain efforts from the governments or the citizens themselves can be seen to control the actual situation, thus, increase in the insulin to manage the situation seems the only solution, and the governments seem to fail to do that also. As suggested by current numbers the difference between supply and need of type-2 diabetes is already worse, and with the time it is going to worsen.

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