5 Facts About Diabetes You Must Keep In Mind

Diabetes affects 60% to 70% of the people in the world. Today we are going to talk 5 facts about diabetes. The disease may occur problem to your aunt, co-worker, neighbor, friend or someone other than that you must know. Despite having all of its prevalence, there are basically a few things you don’t know about diabetes and they may surprises you in many ways. 5 facts about diabetes are as follows.

Five Facts About Diabetes

  1. Before giving a name to diabetes, it was recognized as the thirst, weight loss.
  2. As per world health organization countries like south-east Asia, the western Pacific region suffered more from diabetes.
  3. 80% of Diabetes happens in low-income countries.
  4. Diabetes can be prevented.
  5. Lack of awareness.

Before Diabetes What Was It recognized

The Greek physician Aretaeus, the name Diabetes came into existence before that this disease known to be as the thirst, weight loss, excessive urination. He had given the meaning of diabetes as the condition.

According to WHO, South East Asia, the Western Pacific region suffer more.

The World Health Organization, the huge number of people that is with diabetes were estimated from South East Asia & Western Pacific Regions.  As per WHO diabetes is present in those countries approximately half diabetes in the world.

80% of The Diabetes In Low-Income Countries

There are so many surveys according to which, 80% of diabetes happens mainly in the countries where there people getting low incomes.

Diabetes Can Be Prevented

Yes, you have heard right, Diabetes can be prevented. For that, you have to follow some routine which is beneficial for you. You Have to cut sugar and refined stuff from your diet. Do perform physical activity on the regular basis. Drink as much water as you can in and as your primary beneficiary.

You have to quit smoking for that. Keep using a low carb diet. Just by avoiding sedentary behavior such as sitting for a long period, avoiding it will be helpful in getting rid of Diabetes. By following natural Herbs this will be helpful in increasing your insulin. You can also use berberine, which is Chinese medicine that will be helpful in a get away from diseases like diabetes.

Lack Of Awareness

On lack of awareness as well as unavailability of some health service kidney failure and diabetes increases at a random pace. People do must understand it’s not about there is the tough period which has to be part and parcel of everyone’s life, but that does not mean it is happening every day.

Someday will be the golden day someday be the worst. Awareness will be among everyone not only one section of society. It’s easy to say lack of awareness but tough to spread. But still, it may be spread.

It’s not who will start, its all about how to start to start?. You may convey the message by posting it on your wall of social site, due to which many more people can aware of the knowledge. Knowledge is all about spreading. Due to Spreading awareness, people suffering from diabetes will be less.

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